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Your Business. Your Set Up

Learn about what you need to design your IT infrastructure so it expands with your business

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Solid Connectivity

Standard business cabling and higher speed cabling from any computer to your communications closet keeps everyone working. We'll label and securely install cabling so any cable can be found anytime. 

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Centralizing IT Equipment

We'll help you choose an area best suited for housing your IT equipment so it stays safe, but still accessible for troubleshooting.

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Schedule a Technician

Start working and get your office connected to the internet today. Get a quote and schedule a technician to help you install new equipment or troubleshoot a technical problem.

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Get Help With Any Plan 

Ask any question about any plan, so that you can have clarity when making a decision. Once you know what you want, setting up your network is easy.

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Managed Server Support

  • Advanced Plan

  • Easy access to cloud based backups for team

Managed Network Support

  • Professional Plan

  • Proactive planning with necessary retirement and purchase of new IT equipment 


Questions and answers to the most common scenarios

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I already own equipment, do I have to buy more?

Sometimes you will have to, but only to satisfy the needs of a network and how fast you want your equipment to perform. Tip: When adding new employees, additional equipment might be necessary to support their usage and yours.

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Why can't I use a computer I just bought a year ago?

Sometimes it is possible to use the same computer. If after we determine your computer will not be able to handle newer processing speeds and workload demands, we will recommend a business computer. Tip: Some older equipment cant process newer browser speeds or work loads

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I'm moving into a new office rental, how do I set up my network?

Some businesses will need help with the physical and software setup, to connect all IT equipment into one network. Sometimes cabling, routers, switches, or access points might be needed. Tip: Some equipment might be plug and play, but there are advanced security features that every business should have in a business environment.

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My new office doesn't have the outlets I need, what do I do?

Cabling for new phone or ethernet outlets are essential to connectivity. Our techs have the tools to add more outlets when necessary. Tip: This sometimes requires cutting into the wall and running cable through the ceiling. 

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My new building space needs upgrades, now what?

Most buildings have a closet where communications equipment is stored. Managing the set up and cabling that is run into all offices from this closet can be confusing. Additionally, choosing the right IT equipment at the beginning of a project is important because there will be less changes with your setup down the road. Tip: The difference between a rough set up and a professional set up is that, one will be a temporary fix while the other is scalable for the long term. Thus allowing more resources to be added to your network without having to buy more equipment, except for updates.

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Installing and troubleshooting also includes help with connecting audio and visual equipment

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Need a communications closet? Schedule a survey and set up a designated area to keep your equipment secure and organized

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Getting the insight you need into your originations Network

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