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Blue Logic IT Solutions provides a range of IT management services geared for businesses, to protect their IT infrastructure and offer end-user support.

Did You Know?

You can add on services, that are grouped together into plans or provided as individualized services, to your business' daily operations.

IT management services also provides small businesses with access to a wide array of tools that are normally assets of larger companies only

By letting IT consultants manage their technology, small businesses can keep their network protected against the latest security breaches

You can choose a plan that best fits your business, even if you are a micro to medium size business

Reap the benefits of a larger IT team working for your company but without the high costs


Properly setting up cabling so that it is organized and easier to maintain is essential for troubleshooting problems as they arise, without having to rediscover the purpose of each connection. We keep this in mind as we ensure all wiring is terminated and tested. Once that has been properly established there is a much better chance you will receive solid connectivity from your Data Center to production floor.

Network Closet Wiring Cable

Data Center Wiring/Cable Management

Communicating at home and work, through the daily use of computer systems, is imperative for staying on track with projects and events. To have an uninterrupted work schedule and a fast performing system, there must be proactive measures taken to protect your computers from interruptions. To keep these desktop computers functioning properly we offer protection from technology threats and solutions that improve efficiency. Solutions range from implementing offsite backups to installing servers for those that need more robust systems.

Computer Support Services

Client Desktop Support

Data Backup is the reason why we have peace of mind, because we trust and know that all our files and data have been saved and can be retrieved at our convenience.  This can be done remotely, since data is typically stored off site which means you don't have to sit around and wait for this task to be completed. It is also a great tool that offers assurance before and during an accident or emergency.

​Disaster recovery is useful when an unplanned event, such as a disaster, occurs and the potential to retrieve, what might seem like lost information is still possible.

Data Recovery Backup Recover Files

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

As a small business owner, you want to use the best technology that is required for your business, and not what other businesses are using, just because it sounds like something that could work for you. To do so, you must understand what you need versus what you want. IT consulting provides for the review of available and applicable technology with an expert, to separate the two factors. This helps to avoid purchasing technology that doesn't serve your purpose and allows implementation that does meet your needs.

Planning Designing Network Setup Consulting

Technology Evaluation & Planning

Regular maintenance and monitoring of company server(s) is essential for optimized performance. We offer various maintenance solutions to ensure these critical assets are functioning properly and are protected against common threats and disasters. Our consultants also provide one on one education and recommendations to prevent the same problem from happening again. Solutions also include the initial network setup consisting of a server installation and administration.

Server Setup Configure Data Center

Data Center & Server Support 

Remote monitoring of critical components of a network, such as servers and firewalls, is also provided by Blue Logic IT Solutions. Consultants troubleshoot problems remotely to minimize network downtime and to address any problems immediately. With automatic alerting systems, issues are often resolved before they significantly impact network performance, thus creating a more effective and proactive approach.

Monitor Computer Systems

Remote Monitoring Management

Smaller businesses sometimes face a tougher challenge in preventing security breeches, in comparison to larger businesses. This is because small businesses are often the primary target of hackers who can more easily penetrate the smaller networks. To help combat this, we provide the tools and practices such as, spam and firewall management, which serve as the first line of defense against hackers, viruses, and spam, to small businesses.

Compute Security Service

Network Security

Management of company Mobile Devices are just as necessary and essential to businesses as their computers. IT consulting companies offer various solutions for ensuring that most commonly utilized devices are functioning properly. Our consultants also provide troubleshooting services and recommendations to establish a better integration between the multiple devices and ultimately the user. Solutions also include device setups, installation, and administration.

Mobile Fix Cell Phone

Mobile Device Support

More to come...

Cloud setup configuration

Custom Software Solutions &

Cloud Services Management

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services provide assistance when you need it most. Emergency services are available when you encounter unforeseen problems and need your computer systems back in working order.


On-site proactive services are delivered when you are due for a tune up. This is a preferred method, because most problems are preventable.

Plans range from basic monitoring to fully managed support. Managed service plans are billed on a flat monthly fee or as needed device.


The service itself is typically done remotely, but at times on site work might be required.