Access Control

Access control lets you give access to individuals, during set times, and only to certain areas

​What type of flexibility does this give you?

  • Convenient access to certain areas without managing traditional locks and keys

  • Economical when changing over staff or previous access rights minus the creation of new keys or lock rekeying

  • Rapid deployment, response and event tracking for i.e. security issues, new installations 

  • Control and supervision of those entering and exiting premises

  • Tighter security by limiting access on a per entry basis from a central location

  • Flexible usage in multiple settings:  warehouses, hospitals, offices, remote sites

  • Easier to manage and update via client software or web interface

Why We Offer Access Control to Businesses 

Business owners, regardless of the type of business they own, want to have control over their premises which sometimes houses the equipment and information to run their business. But it's not just about control, it's also the flexibility that comes with that control. 


Most business nowadays aren't using the standard key and door lock anymore.

Why, you wonder? Newer technology.

Digital keys are currently providing the flexibility to monitor and change the control that is given to certain individuals. It's knowing who comes in and out with specific times automatically logged, and not having to deal with inaccurate information from employees who sometimes remember and other times don't. It's also knowing that keys aren't going to be an easy borrow from co-workers sitting around the corner, because the key itself is tied to the activity of that employee and the responsibility lays in their acceptance of this fact. Put simply, an employee will be more reluctant to hand over their keys to someone who doesn't need access to certain areas, because the risk of losing their job is higher.

Then there's eliminating the need to create multiple types of physical keys to access various entrances for every employee. In other words, one key (think savings here) can grant access to different spaces or offices. Not only does this get rid of the old key log, it also removes the additional responsibilities that come with that. You know that three ring binder with everyone's signature, date and time, that has to kept up to date by someone.


This doesn't mean that keys and their access aren't being tracked, it just gets managed in an easier way-virtually. The bonus here is that it can help to reduce external and internal loss or what some call inventory shrinkage, if managed properly.

Managers can log onto an app and see who is using an entrance/exit or not, anytime and anywhere, without having to check a clipboard log. At its most basic form, access control or the control of who gets access, and how they use it within certain areas, is just that--protecting important equipment, including assets, information, and property that belongs to tenants, employees, or guests. However, looking at the advanced features, it's not hard to tell that with these systems a safe working environment can be established by controlling an employee's accessibility to any area. 



Door Entry

Software to manage access and upgrades

This solution works if you're looking to manage the security and access to a building and incorporates the following:

App to view activity and locate employees, from anywhere

Physical lock plus access cards and fobs

Entry systems with camera recognition 

Control units and their internal components housed on premises 

Readers placed outside doors to allow entrance into a space

Standalone Access Control

This solution is great if you need a few doors locked but not the entire building and incorporates the following:

Exterior dial pad/code based entry system

Interior dial pad/code based entry system. Ideal for low security doors

Entry systems with camera recognition

Still not sure what you need?

If you're still wondering what you need, then worry no more! Schedule a consultation with us! 

Our consultations will help clarify all of your questions and some of the common topics of discussion:

  • Our team will go over the type of facilities and access you currently manage

  • The entrance/exits that are of most concern and why

  • Where certain types of access control measures should be implemented

  • The best type of system design that will meet your security needs